Portovert Magazine Helps Couples Reduce CO2


Portovert Magazine, the new magazine we featured for the environmentally and socially responsible bride and groom, announced this past week that they will be launching the first U.S. wedding carbon calculator in partnership with Native Energy. By visiting the Native Energy's website, visitors can easily calculate the carbon emissions produced by the principal wedding-related carbon sources: guest travel, lodging, and venue power and heat. According to a 2005 American Wedding Survey, the average wedding has 165 guests and approximately 54 require air travel and lodging. By helping build new renewable energy projects with NativeEnergy, "engaged couples can take a proactive, responsible step towards a brighter, better future." For as little as $12 per ton of carbon offsets, brides and grooms can make a quick, easy investment in renewable energy by choosing one of three options: helping build new wind power projects, new family farm methane energy projects, or a combination of both. Check out Portovert's March feature (available online) for easy ways to reduce your wedding carbon footprint. ::Portovert

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