Po Zu's Edible Shoe Cream. Are they Nuts?


We've found a new delicacy here at TreeHugger. At the recent opening on the newly refurbished Terra Plana store in Covent Garden we were offered shoe cream on crackers. Yes, you read right! Sven Segal, the designer behind the snugly stylish Po-Zu eco-footwear brand, encouraged us to try this unusual party canapé. Our adventurous tastebuds took command..."Ummmm.... there's a distinct flavour of coconut."

Indeed Po-Zu's edible shoe cream is made from 100% organic virgin coconut oil, sourced from Sri Lanka and certified by the Soil Association. It's a multi-tasking product, not just a natural way to shine your shoes and snack, but it can also be used for cooking, in drinks, as hair conditioner, lip balm and moisturizer. How's that for one tub of shoe cream? :: Po-Zu :: Terra Plana

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