Planète Monde--For the Body and the Soul


Across the street from the most famous bagel store in Montreal, Fairmount Bagels, sits Planète monde. The organic bath and soap shop is a serene and peaceful oasis amidst the hubbub of the Mile End neighbourhood. The store was started when the two founders heard a programme on Radio-Canada about a war reporter in Afghanistan who had stayed on to help the people of the war-torn country. She founded the Arghand co-operative with people in Southern Afghanistan, and worked with them to create soaps and skin oils from the wild plants and pomegranates of Kandahar. The two owners are strong believers in ethical and fair trade and decided to seek out other interesting soaps and body products from the east and help community groups to develop. Planète monde sells body care items from all corners of the world: Afghanistan, India, Madagascar, Senegal, Marocco, Ghana, Syria, Silk Road, Dead Sea and Brasil. Many are made by co-operatives. The Savon d’Alep is Syrian, made of olive oil and bay tree oil and has a fragrant and exotic perfume. There are soaps made by the untouchable caste in India. From Madagascar are lovely oval-shaped soaps made of fruits and flowers, decorated with ginger and vanilla leaves. Nafytoo is sexy lingerie crocheted in Senegal. And you can eat your bagel whilst browsing. :: Planète monde

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