Pivot: Chicago's First Eco Boutique


While shopping online is fun and convenient sometimes you just want to feel that soft bamboo t-shirt or try on that hemp silk dress before you buy. Jessa Brinkmeyer, seeing the demand for more hands-on eco-fashion in the relatively green city of Chicago, opened the Pivot boutique last month. Positioning the store amongst the hip galleries and restaurants of the meatpacking district, Fulton Market, lends a cutting edge appeal; as do the designers she has in stock including several TreeHugger favs such as Linda Loudermilk, Ciel, Sans and Loyale.

Through her work as a fashion editor Jessa became interested in eco-smart fashion and consequently realised that her "positive actions had diminished since her childhood". Through starting up her own eco-boutique Jessa says she has "rekindled her desire to live a more sustainable everyday life." Pivot's interior has been designed by local artist Joshua Height of Brickermade. He uses recycled materials to create unique custom furniture, some select pieces of which will be on sale. Thanks to Kyeann Sayer for the tip. :: Pivot

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