Pikolinos — Spanish Shoes With EU Flower Eco-Label

Pikolinos 1.jpg
Oh yeah we’re getting excited about this EU eco-labelling business! We’ve just found Pikolinos, a shoe company which was awarded the ‘Flower’ last year for their Ecological City range. They are apparently the only Spanish business so far which uses the EU eco-label. We’re not sure if that says more about Spain’s attitude to the environment or the general lack of enthusiasm for the EU ‘Flower’. Having written plenty of posts on Spanish eco-design we’re not sure it’s the former! Infact you have to dig pretty hard into the Pikolinos website to find out anything about their exclusive EU eco-label status, they certainly don’t show the logo anywhere. But they do assure us that their The Ecological City range uses chrome-free vegetal tanning for the leather, water based adhesives, natural dyes and they have biodegradable soles. The company prides itself on its environmental policies and they even celebrate Pikolinos Environment Day each year. Last October this coincided with International Bird Day and all the staff went out into the local wetland area of Alicante and planted trees. Obviously we TreeHuggers think that’s a pretty cool office day out! ::Pikolinos
Thanks to Kate for the tip.