Photographers Capture "Fragile" Louisiana

atchafalaya basin photo
Image credit: Vicki Strickland

Debbie Fleming Caffery is an award winning photographer who holds yearly photography workshops in Louisiana for small groups of artists who are keen on further developing their eye and vision in an extraordinary environment.

Looking at the work of Caffery is always a delight and a surprise in that she seemingly never repeats herself. This year I asked to her to have the participating photographers take images that were "fragile." I thought it would be interesting to see what came back. atchafalaya basin photo
Image credit: Jennifer Hasserick

The first image I looked at was of the Atchafalaya Basin and I was immediately taken with the directness and the clarity of the shot. It basically sets the mood and the backdrop for all of the rest of the images that followed.

watching the race photo
Image credit: Jennifer Hasserick

Connecting the people to a place is usually best done by traveling there and wandering around and always getting lost. These photographs immediately brought me to a place and then "put a face on the place."

Buggy Race-vick strickland_MG_0002.jpg
Image credit: Vick Strickland

I can almost taste a glass of water as I imagine myself watching the buggy race. I can actually feel the dust.

playing music photo
Image credit: Linda Holllinger

Almost as if in a dream I end up at the Savoys Music Center in Eunice, Louisianna, later that night and I become hypnotized by Milton Vanicur and his fiddling who at 91 years of age is at Savoys every saturday night jamming with his friends.

watching the race photo
Image credit: Jennifer Hasserick

For me these images transport me to a place and its people who are very strong and connected to the roots of an excitingly intact culture. The allure of Louisiana and its environs has been around for centuries and I am confident from looking at these images that it will always retain its deeply rooted culture and identity.

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