People Tree Kicks Off Humanity in Fashion Campaign, Support Fair Garment Workers Conditions Now!

Liz Jones People Tree Safia photo

Daily Mail's Liz Jones and People Tree founder Safia Minney, left to right, in Bangladesh's first organic cotton farm. Image via Daily Mail.

The not so sweet reality of garment workers conditions in Bangladesh is, in short, very bad. Thanks to tipster Elliot for sending us this news bit: UK-based ethical fashion label People Tree has just launched a year-long campaign called Humanity in Fashion. The campaign is spearheaded by ethical fashion pioneer Safia Minney, People Tree founder and CEO, who recently visited Dhaka, Bangladesh, accompanied by the Daily Mail's Liz Jones, to learn more about garment factory workers who are protesting for a living wage (the minimum wage ranges from £16 to £50 a month). Find out how you can support fair working conditions:

"This is the side of the business the big brands do not want you to see."

The goals of the campaign are based on People Tree's belief that "garment workers should be guaranteed a living wage and safe and non exploitative working conditions. The mentioned Daily Mail article, said to be published July 19, can not be viewed on the site. However, the text can be found in People Tree Magazine: On her most recent trip to Dhaka, Jones remarked, "This is the side of the business the big brands do not want you to see." She continues, below.

The conditions the garment workers live in has to be seen to be believed; Safia introduced me to the tireless people who run the union, and who acted as my translators and guide. We drove past the doors of the factories, but to be honest we were too scared to get out of the vehicle because of the baton-wielding guards who stood, menacingly, frisking every worker who went in and came out.

Photo: Safia Minney, CEO of People Tree, and Liz Jones from the Daily Mail with a Bangladeshi factory garment worker. Image via People Tree Magazine

Sign the petition today and People Tree will send it to The National Garment Workers Federation in Bangladesh. The organization has given the government until July 27 to treble the minimum wage.

Visit People Tree or People Tree Magazine for more.

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