Peace, Love, Earth: Yeah, Baby

Peace, Love, Earth

Designer Anna Mkhitarian reinvents that tired hippie standard—the ol' peace sign—into physical, wearable mantras that, though unsubtle, remind us what our groovy voyage on Spaceship Earth is all about.

Generously sprinkled with a random selection of mini embossed hearts, flowers, and, okay, peace signs, each recycled-sterling-silver pendant measures 3/16 of an inch thick and 1 1/4-inch long, and weighs around 5 grams—light enough to be nearly weightless when worn, but with sufficient heft when palmed so it doesn't feel chintzy. (We borrowed the Love necklace, which included a skinny snake chain with a lobster clasp, for a few days because TreeHugger is an unstinting believer in the scientific method.) The chains measure 16 or 18 inches, depending on availability. The necklaces, which cost $150 each, are crafted in Los Angeles, although the non-recycled-silver chains themselves are sourced from Italy, because Mkhitarian had trouble finding a local vendor. (If you have a hookup, please contact her directly.)

Because the pendants are unglazed, a patina will develop over time, further accentuating the embossing. (You can also choose to get the Earth pendant without the patterns.) If you prefer your baubles untarnished, Mkhitarian recommends taking your necklace to a local jeweler for cleaning.

Read Victoria E's interview with Mkhitarian to learn more about the woman behind the designs. ::Peace Love Earth

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