Peace Bomb Bracelets - The Story Behind The Vietnam War Scrap Metal Jewelry (Video)

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Lao metal smiths who engineered bracelet molds for the Peace Bomb bracelet. Photo: Article 22.

What appeals to me most about Article 22's Peace Bomb Bracelet is the collection's history and story: Each piece has been made by Lao artisans from repurposed Vietnam War scrap metal.

I met Elizabeth Suda, Article 22 founder, back in February at the NOW Showcase and have since written about her ethical handbags--shop the bag at Article 22--and Peace Bomb Bracelets.

Next month, Suda and her team will visit Laos to shoot a series of short films to tell the story of the Rural Income Through Sustainable Energy (RISE) Project and the Peace Bomb bracelet -- here's the teaser video:

Video: Vimeo.

While in Laos, the Article 22 team will attend the Cluster Munitions Conference--an international treaty to ban cluster bombs, which the US has yet to sign--to put the project in the context of global affairs.

Visit Kickstarter, where you can share this video with friends and make a donation to help Article 22 reach their monetary goal--which is necessary for them to make the film.

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