Patyka's Organic Zesty Summer Shower Gel & Scrub


Patyka's Organic Lime Scrub and Shower Gels in Orange & Mint. Credit: Patyka

Patyka's Organic Shower gel is a good fit for recessionistas in need of organic-luxury skincare love. While encouraging consumption is risky, these shower gels and scrubs can go a long way. The entire Patyka family line is available for under $19, a far cry from their $98 perfume, and includes a full set of fragrance-free face washes, shea butter, bodycare, shampoo, and a mini weekender set.
As far as their green cred goes, Patyka's products are never tested on animals and do not include, silicone, petroleum products, polyethylene glycol, sulfates, parabens, phenoxeythanol, GMO's, synthetics fragrances or colorings. Further, Patyka has met the certification standards for both EcoCert and Cosmebio, and has jumped on board with the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, a pledge by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a commitment to protecting the health of consumers in the personal care industry by phasing out chemicals linked to health issues. For these reasons, they receive my seal of approval.

I must note, however, that while I'm happy that none of the toxic ingredients (listed above) can be found on the ingredients list, one that does raise an eyebrow is Benzyl Alcohol, which is listed as the third to last ingredient in their Lime Organic Shower Scrub. According to EWG Benzyl Alcohol is an unregulated pollutant used in fragrances and lava lamps, which the EPA has yet to set a legal limit in in tapwater. Potential health hazards include gastrointestinal or liver toxicity, neurotoxicity, and skin sensitivity. The pollutant is currently unregulated, so I suggest being weary of skincare products with high-levels of benzyl alcohol (read more at EWG). Note: ingredients listed towards first signify higher concentrations.

If you have to choose one product from their family line, I recommend the Gel Douche Bio in Orange, also available in Menthe, for a subtle zesty-summer scent. Use no more than a small dollop-a-day to ensure your $14-worth or substitute your shaving cream (aerosol cans, no thanks) with one of the gels, not the scrub.

Visit EWG and Skin Deep the Cosmetic Safety Database, to read about the potential harm in daily beauty products and visit Patyka's new shop at 33 Carmine St. in New York City.

Note: This article was updated on 8/2/2010
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