Passchal's Sassy Satchels

Passchal Bag.jpg
One of the coolest things about writing for (and reading!) TreeHugger is getting to watch the progress of eco-innovation. In just one short year we've seen green engines get faster, green soaps get frothier and green fashion get stylish(er?). Case in point: recycled rubber has evolved from a clunky well-intentioned design material to a key component in fashionable handbags (see the Flat Bag and Alchemy posts). Getting some mainstream air play these days are Passchal bags made of recycled tractor inner tubes. The bags made a debut at last year's Billboard Music Awards where they were placed in the celebrity gift packs. They will receive high-profile exposure again this fall when they are featured at Danny Seo's Fashion Week ReTreat in New York in September.
Hey, is that an LED light that comes on when you are digging through the bag to find your keys? (story from Richmond Times - Dispatch)