Parsons Midseason Preview: Reuse, Recycle, Reconstruct (Photos)

whole foods dress photo

Parsons design student's Whole Foods' paper bag dress. Credit: Don Brodie
Parsons The New School for Design premiered Reuse, Recycle, Recontruct," its installation of ecologically and socially conscious work by fashion design students in its Associate in Applied Science (AAS) program, Thursday night. Students explored zero-waste production; the deconstruction and reconstruction of discarded garments, and incorporated sustainable materials to execute their designs. Click through for highlights--including the Whole Foods' paper bag dress, above:

whole foods parsons photo

Credit: Don Brodie

Credit: Don Brodie

Students utilized nontraditional materials like bottle caps, pull-tabs from cans, black plastic garbage bags, plastic shower curtains, and garment factory waste; leather remnants, misprinted fabric, and scraps of organic cotton twill, in their eco-friendly garments.

Deborah Kirschner, associate director for Arts Communications at The New School, notes highlights from the exhibition: "Yu Jin Kwon's dress and matching jacket made from burlap and canvas recyclable coffee bean bags, dyed with organic coffee grounds; Roxy Fata's dress made from vintage denim, and Chelsea Mak's dress made with used or broken garment bags she collected from her internship at Opening Ceremony."


Chelsea Mak's garment bag dress. Credit: Don Brodie
denim dress photo

Roxy Fata's vintage denim design. Credit: Don Brodie
burlap dress image

Yu Jin Kwon's burlap and canvas jacket and dress. Credit: Don Brodie

Credit: Don Brodie

The installation is on view through Monday, December 14 from 9 am - 4:30 pm, at the David M. Schwartz Fashion Education Center (560 Seventh Avenue at 40th Street) in New York City.

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