Paris Shopping Report: Bilum Bags


Like many of you, I thought I was over repurposed billboard sacks. Petz's pointing out possible drawbacks nudged me further in that direction. Then, at the Ethical Fashion Market, I met Helene and her Bilum bags. They win, with the freshest shapes, prints, and true eco/social cred. Each creation genuinely emerges from otherwise landfill-bound material, including former seat belt straps, and is constructed by disabled folks in a transitional employment program. What does Bilum mean? It's the name of a hand-woven sack used to carry everyday objects and also babies in Papua New Guinea. Helene's background in advertising and sales, combined with a recycling obsession, led her to fashion carry-alls for our day-to-day use. At this time you can only nab Bilum bags in Paris. We'll keep you updated on availability! :: Bilum (Photo by Patrick Herrmann)