Paris Shopping: deux filles en fil Modular Salvaged Leather Accessories


We like talking modular pillows, carpet tiles, and even Pallet-Houses. Now is the time for adjustable hand bags. My deux filles en fil bag (photograhped here by Jill Danyelle) makes me smile for different reasons multiple times daily. Its origins are scrap leather and vintage fabric, yes, but the modularity adds an efficiency/fun kick that I'm frankly not accustomed to experiencing in relation to accessories.When I brought the bag back from Paris, I unbuttoned the whole thing and it lay flat in my suitcase for the journey. When I need small, it's compact. After picking up a goody or two, I unbutton the sides and it's roomier. A removable strap makes it a shoulder bag when I'm in the mood. Inside, a panel accommodates a cell phone/what-not pouch like the one below. Said pouch can also attach to the shoulder strap when it becomes a belt, for easy, hands-free accessorizing! Why aren't they all designed this way?


You can nab them online here. Soon I'll update with more Parisian outlets! :: deux filles en fil