PACT's Playful Organic Undies Support Artists with Disabilities (Photos)

pact organic underwear
Image courtesy of PACT.

I love PACT underwear. Not only do they have a philanthropic twist -- past collections have supported non-profits like Oceana and Global Green USA -- but their design is playful and fun -- the way panties should be. Today, Pact unveiled their latest organic underwear collaboration with Creative Growth, an art program for persons with disabilities; ten percent of proceeds will be donated to support the artists who inspired the prints. Click through for more photos of PACT's men's and women's undergarments -- and cute bums, too. The PACT collection features six prints, each designed by a different Creative Growth artist, including Erin Punzel, William Tyler, Donald Mitchell, Dan Miller, and Maureen Clay (prints by William Tyler and Donald Mitchell will be available in early October). You can view the others, below.

organic underwear photo
organic underwear photo
organic underwear photo
organic underwear photo
organic underwear photo
organic underwear photo
All photos courtesy of PACT.

PACT's Creative Growth collection is made with organic cotton, transported in zero-waste packaging, and is conveniently available online starting today, September 2, at Wear PACT and through select retailers, including Convert in Berkeley, CA, Kuhlman in Seattle, WA, and Local 35 in Portland, OR.

How do you pick a pair of PACT undies, by the print, the fit, or the non-profit? Tell us in the comment section, below.

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