PACT Underwear and Sierra Club Stage 'Beyond Coal' Dance Off (Exclusive Video)

beyond coal underwear

PACT's 'Beyond Coal' line worn by pants-less college students. Photo: PACT

PACT's philanthropic and organic panties have helped support social and environmental causes, from Oceana's ocean conservation efforts to artists with disabilities, by donating 10% of proceeds.

Now they've teamed up with the Sierra Club to combat dirty coal with a collection bright blue undergarments and a video that shows the knickers in action. For anyone who likes to dance in their underwear, this one's for you. The video will appear on and the Sierra Club's website, but we have the exclusive first look:

PACT's custom collection, called "Beyond Coal," is inspired by the Sierra Club's work "to educate about coal's dangers to environmental and public health and advocate for the use of cleaner fuel sources to move America beyond dirty coal," according to a spokesperson for PACT.

While the video shows the playful side of the collection and the fun spirit of the brand, PACT and the Sierra Club are serious about taking action. In April, PACT announced their support of the Sierra Club Student Coalition's "Campuses Beyond Coal" initiative.

Students from the University of North Texas to Miami University, used the underwear as a means to protest coal-powered campuses and advocate for cleaner fuel by stripping down to their PACT skivvies and going on a campus-wide underwear run. They were met with success on April 4th, when the Miami University of Ohio announced they would immediately begin reducing the amount of coal burned on campus and eventually eliminate it altogether.

The underwear is available for $18-$24 at

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