Oxfam Has a New Look

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Oxfam has redesigned itself and become a fashion statement. Three stores in London have become eco-fashion headquarters, with designer clothes and new outfits by green labels such as People Tree. Instead of being a slightly mouldy-smelling place for grimy books and reject pottery, these hot new "boutique" outlets are stylishly decorated, on fashionable streets, and carry names like Chloe and Stella McCartney and Junky Styling. They sell some of the best donated designer items, alongside Fair Trade and ethically produced clothes and accessories. The one pictured, located in trendy Notting Hill, looks as smart as anything on the block--and it's a lot cheaper.

Beside the new People Tree clothes hang others by London College of Fashion students. They have been asked to 're-invent' items of clothing for the shop and make unique one-off pieces. In addition, Oxfam is auctioning off seven items on eBay that have been reworked by top designers. Clothes are divided into 5 categories: fair trade, ‘Reinvented’ – reworked donated products by the fashion students, ‘Loved for longer’ which are second hand designer, ‘Made with Love’ – volunteers reworking donated products and ‘Good Fashion Sense’ – working towards Fair Trade and organic. :: Oxfam
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