Organic Leather: The Company and The Product


What we are looking at here are Hoop Ear Rings for $50 USD and a Tassel Belt for $150. What makes them worthy of interest is that they are made by Organic Leather, who use hides which are predominately from "animals that are organically fed and humanely raised." And then tanned with plant based tannins. Note the correlation between the lexicon of both the process and the materials used. Modern tanning tends to be high in chromium IV, a known carcinogen, linked to lung cancer, if inhaled. In contrast to the usual cocktail of chemicals found in the common tanning, or curing of hides, Organic Leather suggest theirs has zero toxicity. "The run off from these tanneries is non-toxic and can go straight out on to the fields." Aside from using certified and transitional organic hides, they look for reclaimed leather to use in some of their products, like journal covers. Founders, Rowan Gabrielle and Stacie Wickham were at one time both vegetarians, so we assume the aspect of 'humanely raised' is well assessed. The line of products includes belts, bags, jewelry, journals and custom pieces. Organic Leather.Just been advised by our roaming reporter, Kyeann, that Organic Leather were prime movers in the recent EcoPetal Boutique fashion show, held last week. We'll have a write-up soon. Same station. Stay tuned.