Organic Goodies Make Perfect Green Thank-You Gift

perfect thank-you gift photo

Our mothers taught us (well, some of us) to send thank-you notes and to bring a gift when staying at someone's house or cottage as a guest. But what to bring? You don't know their taste, or you don't like their taste or you know that they don't need any extra knick-knacks. Here's a thoughtful answer that this TreeHugger appreciated: a box of organic and ecological goodies delivered by mail to the door. Ooooh, where to start? With the thank-you note, of course.... It is a grow-a-note, made of hand-made paper and embedded with wildflower seeds; plant it and watch it grow. The first-opened gift is the "Plant a Tree Save the Planet" kit. It contains one pinus koraiensis, a tall korean pine tree that is hardy and tolerates cold to -50 degrees and bears very large pine cones. If you don't have land, it can be grown as a bonsai and comes with a biodegradable pot and saucer made of rice, bamboo and coconut. Nice.Next off, sachets of Stash organic tea, to drink whilst eating the cocoa Camino fair trade white chocolate bar. A perfect antidote to the cold grey skies and blistering wind outside. The bare organics organic shampoo bar has an orange and cedar smell to evoke that woodland feeling. And for your wind-burned face, a wool facial brush to exfoliate and stimulate. This package all comes from Organically Gifted. The Ottawa company was started by a pregnant mother looking for safe baby products and her search led her to create a whole on-line store of organic eco-friendly gifts. A big thank-you to Jordan and Aashish for this wonderful present. Come again, any time. :: Organically Gifted

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