Organic Beauty Magazine Makes Green Glamour Gettable

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Move over Allure. Watch out Glamour. There's a new beauty bible in town. For years, eco-conscious women have been sifting through product reviews in magazines, always hoping to discover a new eco-friendly or organic product amongst the deluge of not-so-good-for-you items. But the search is over. Organic Beauty (now on newsstands) is chock-full of organic, natural and eco-friendly advice and products—and we at Naturally Savvy can't get enough!

From explanations on organic labeling, to instructions on how to take a natural bath to serving up the dirt on conventional shampoo's frightening foaming agents, the newly-launched magazine makes greening your beauty routine simple.

But it's not exclusively focused on beauty products. Organic Beauty is, in many ways, a complete lifestyle magazine well-rounded with articles on style, health, fitness, parenting and business—but always with its lens on beauty.

It's also a magazine that puts its money (advertising revenue) where its mouth is. All of its ads are for natural and organic products and services—which are of importance (and a perk) to its readers. We're happy Organic Beauty bucked the magazine trend to rake in advertising dollars regardless of principle. And as far as we can see, no greenwashing here, ladies.

While a lot of people might think it's crazy to start a magazine in this economic climate—particularly when Plenty and other green lifestyle magazines have been folding like lawn chairs—the people behind the magazine are confident it can weather the storm. As Organic Magazine's editor-in-chief Rona Berg points out in her inaugural editor's letter:

Over the past year, Americans spent $7 billion on natural and organic personal-care products. According to the Organic Consumers' Association . . . there is an astounding 39 percent annual growth in the natural and organic sector of the cosmetic industry!

And if you think about it, it makes sense! You don't need to buy that hybrid or electric car right now, but you always need shampoo.

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