One of a Kind: Kluane's Creations


Sometimes when we are looking for the coolest new green thing we miss something important because it is perhaps not our style. I paid little attention to Kluane's Creations at the One of a Kind show but was killing a few moments and overheard her pitch to a customer and perked up immediately.

These little frames come with herb seeds packed in a bag; except the cardboard is all reclaimed, the plastic bags are corn based, the seeds are organic and the growing medium is coconut husks developed with help from the University of Guelph. Even the wire is recovered from demolished suspended ceilings.

More importantly, the artists are in a sheltered workshop, the craftspeople are in a program teaching the visually disabled working skills. Using bits of paper and string, Kluane has created a minor industry for people who need it most.

Rarely does one see something so green and so ethical. I shall pay more attention to what is really important. ::Kluane's Creations found at ::One of a Kind

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