Oat Shoes - Sneakers You Can Compost

Photo Credit: Marielle van Leewen for Oat Shoes

We've written a bit here on Treehugger about the quest for a more sustainable sneaker. We've covered sneakers made from recycled materials and talked about how to recycle your sneakers when they're worn out. But now, thanks to OAT Shoes, you can marry your love of sustainable clothing with your obsession for compost.

OAT Shoes are made entirely from biodegradable materials. This means that, when you're done with them, you can simply compost them or bury them out in your garden, where they'll break down.

Aside from being completely biodegradable, the shoes are good-looking, too. They recently won second prize at the Green Fashion Awards at Amsterdam International Fashion Week. They're not yet available for purchase, but we're hoping to see more of this type of biodegradable clothing available in the future.

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