NY Fashion Week: Fashion Brand Preen Goes Green Backstage and Beyond

aline weber preen pedicab photo

Supermodel Aline Weber sits in an Aveda Pedicab before the Preen show

Backstage at the Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Spring Summer 2009 fashion show we found Aveda's four steps to a greener backstage in full swing. Aveda's reusable liter-sized aluminum water bottles went quickly as models and hairstylists alike wrote their names on bottles and filled and re-filled them with New York City tap water. The organic food, catered by Citi Bakery, was plentiful and Aveda offered their 100% organic tea and coffee in compostable cups. Aveda's buckets collecting bottle cups were empty which goes to show that people were using the aluminum bottles! Hopefully they will collect some caps as their buckets are now on the set of Gossip Girl, 90210 and Grey's Anatomy.

Supermodel Aline Weber, while having her makeup applied by one M.A.C.'s makeup artists, thought the Aveda water bottles were a great addition to backstage where water bottles are normally put down and never used again. She explained that this is mainly due to the amount of people and busyness backstage before a show.

eugene souleiman aveda hair

Hairstylist Eugene Souleiman holds an Aveda water bottle backstage at the Preen show

We spoke with Eugene Souleiman, chief hairstylist for Aveda, who was positive about the present and future of living green. Eugene told us that a lot of people have already "gone green without realizing it with Whole Foods and fair trade coffee just there." Having just moved to NYC from England, Eugene noticed a difference in fresh produce, he found himself asking "'Where's the tomato in the tomato?' Not only that but, in the U.S. food labels can say 'natural,' but what does that actually mean? In England it's either organic or not" he explains.

Post show we found a final green surprise: Pedicabs! Aveda offered free rides to models and celebrities as they went from show to show. Not wanting to pass up a free ride with zero carbon emissions, I took the pedicab from the show and while it was a bit bumpy it was a great end to a green event!

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