NY Fashion Week: Costello Tagliapietra Premieres AirDye Fabrics in Spring 2010 Collection

Credit Greg Morris / Insight Visual
The AirDye Process
AirDye is a process of dying synthetic materials that deposits color inside -- as opposed to on -- the fabric. The proprietary dyes are transferred from recycled paper onto fabric using heat and used dyes and toners are recycled into tar and asphalt. It can be used for dying chiffon, chintz, jersey, satin, and any fabric made with synthetic fibers; customized to any color or design, and also for printing reversible fabrics. The greenest option is to use AirDye on recycled fabrics.

AirDye technology -- brought to market by Transprint -- a Colorep, Inc. company -- saves energy, water, and greenhouse gasses. A detailed environmental report on the effects of AirDye -- conducted by research firm FiveWinds International -- is available online at AirDye.

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