NY Fashion Week: Costello Tagliapietra Premieres AirDye Fabrics in Spring 2010 Collection


Credit Greg Morris / Insight Visual

Friday night I braved the rain -- strapped on my vegan heels and headed downtown -- for New York Fashion Week's Costello Tagliapietra Spring/Summer 2010 show and the high fashion debut of AirDye -- a dying and printing technology we've covered here -- that uses 88-95% less water than typical textile industry water consumption -- at Milk Studios in New York City.


Credit Greg Morris / Insight Visual

Costello Tagliapietra incorporated AirDye taffeta into half of the dresses in their collection. The comfortable yet form fitting dresses -- inspired by colors found in the natural environment -- were breathtaking; reminiscent of grecian goddesses, curve-complimenting, and the idyllic attire for a warm Summer night. According to the Life Cycle Assessment of the AirDye process, each dress dyed with the technology saves 45 gallons of water, 95 megajoules of energy, and 3 kilograms of greenhouse gases.


Credit Greg Morris / Insight Visual
Costello Tagliapietra and AirDye
After the show I spoke with Bonnie Julian, a designer of AirDye fabrics who worked with Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra to create the beautiful prints used in the Spring/Summer 2010 collection. The brooklyn-based designers sought our AirDye and wanted their fabric designs to reflect nature. They brought photographs of seascapes and landscapes to Laurie and in just four weeks -- from conception to completion-- AirDye had their high fashion debut on the runway.

Read more on AirDye -- the printing and dyeing process -- and its enviornmental impact, after the jump.

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