NV Calcutta Handbags Tick All the Boxes

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Images from NV Calcutta

We like to do our bit for ethical fashion and here's a handbag that makes it a fashion-breeze. These NV Calcutta handbags tick all the boxes. They are good looking, hand-made, help poor people in Calcutta get a foothold and ethically made.

It's a wonderful story with an end product that combines the best of UK design talent with the age-old craftsmanship of the artisans. Sounds like a win-win all around. Now what about the purses themselves...

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Images from nv calcutta

The bags are designed in Britain and made in partnership with an ethical manufacturing company in Calcutta, West Bengal. Using ethical business practices and accredited by the Indian & Asian Fair Trade Foundation, NV Calcutta ensures that those who work for the company receive a fair wage, and a healthy working environment.

There are 3 collections: silk, leather and canvas.

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The silk scarves are a community effort, made in a small village living close to the border with Bangladesh. The whole village community is involved in the making of the hand-spun silk, with the edges hand-rolled by a women's co-operative group.

The leather handbags are handmade and ethically produced in Calcutta using locally sourced materials and suppliers.

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The canvas bags are made of canvas with a hand-screened print, using traditional methods and environmentally friendly, AZO free dyes. : NV Calcutta


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