Nu Magazine: Fashion Laid Bare


A new ethical fashion magazine has appeared on the London scene. It is good timing now that the fashion world is beginning to recognise the impact of its production on the world and that ethical fashion can be stylish. Started by two young social entrepreneurs, it will showcase only fair trade, organic, recycled, vintage, and UK-produced clothes and accessories. It's small in size and length so it is perfect reading for a long trip on the bus or subway. The range of topics is broad: health and beauty, home wares, hot fashions as well as some serious pieces. What's nice is that they are presented in an accessible and attractive format so that ethical fashion looks sexy and desirable; not boring. Also nice is that they give a complete list of the websites for the featured products; there is nothing more frustrating than wasting time looking for an obscure label.

Here's a little tim bit (Canadian joke) : an article on Feng Shui for the office suggests that you clear your desk before you leave at night so that you are not held back by stale energy, empty the waste bin every day, clear window sills and have a plant...(you never know). Initially the magazine will come out quarterly and is already available at some very cool shops around London. The website will be up soon, which will be a great resource for London fashionistas. We wish them well in this exciting and very relevant new venture. :: nu magazine

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