Noon Solar Announces Spring 2008 Collection of Bags


Noon Solar
gave us a sneak peek of its upcoming spring collection, available online and in stores in April. In addition to the popular Logan satchel (pictured above), which will be making a return in olive-and-brown leather, the solar-bag company will also be releasing two new styles: the Sawyer, a unisex messenger bag in mustard and chocolate, as well as the Oakley, a maroon tote.

Outfitted with flexible solar panels, and made with cloth and vegetable-tanned German leather, Noon Solar's hot-to-trot bags are dyed using the ancient Japanese art of Shibori, a method not unlike tie-dying that results in the textures and patterns you see on the bags. Weighing about 4 ounces, the Li-ion battery pack collects enough juice to power your cell phone and iPod. Meanwhile, women's bags come with a locket filled with compost to remind the wearer that the materials in the bag came from and can return to the earth—once the hardware has been reused or recycled, of course. (Men, apparently, are not deserving of dirt.) ::Noon Solar



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