Nonprofit Fashion Label Employs and Empowers Women in India (Photos)

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Credit: Satara

We were impressed by the beautiful fashion designs in summery prints--somewhat reminiscent of tye-dye--by Satara featured on Ecouterre recently, and were blown away when we took a look at the Dutch fashion label's sustainable business practices. The non-profit trains and supports underprivileged women in developing nations with the aim of achieving gender equality and the eradication of poverty. The result is a much desired collection of on-trend rompers, billowy blouses, and slim-fitting skirts--and you can even find out which woman made your garment. Click through for photos.
Inspiration for spring 2010 is drawn from the very material that makes up the collection, the hand-woven Khadi fabric which is, according their website, "steeped in Indian history and was an icon of Mahatma Ghandi's liberation movement, where it embodied the ideas of freedom and autonomy, truth, and closeness with nature."


Credit: Satara via Ecouterre

Credit: Satara via Ecouterre

Credit: Satara via Ecouterre

Credit: Satara via Ecouterre

Satara works with talented graduates from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute who teach their skills to seamstresses in India while the Mann Deshi microcredit bank provides local support. Volunteers from Dutch universities also lend assistance at home and abroad. As the website says, "This network has the will and ability to create a sustainable clothing and textiles production network in India, and in doing so bring underprivileged women confidence, independence, and ultimately hope for a better future for themselves and their children."

Are fashion nonprofits they way of the future? Share your thoughts in the comment section, below.

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