No More Dirty Looks: The Truth About Beauty Products

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A Book Every Girl Should Own
Every girl likes to look her best. That is why she should read No More Dirty Looks: The Truth About Your Beauty Products, and the Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Cosmetics. Siobhan O'Connor and Alexandra Spunt have delivered an easy-to-read, understandable source that answers the questions:
  • Does this beauty product work?
  • Is it worth the risks?
  • Is there a better solution for beauty without the drawbacks of harmful chemicals?
And last but not least....
  • Why would any company put harmful chemicals in a beauty product?
The Authors
Siobhan and Alexandra are informative without being prescriptive. They give each reader the background she needs to make up her own mind. Both authors are journalists, which shows in their easy, conversational style of sharing their experiences and research with readers. Siobhan has been a magazine editor for a decade, and currently works for GOOD. Alexandra has worked managing top models, and in marketing for American Apparel; she also contributes to the theme in a series at GOOD.

No More Dirty Looks
A lot of green beauty advice sources leave you fearful and anxious about chemicals without an understanding of the alternatives. Are rashes, allergies and even serious illnesses, like cancers that are increasinlgly being linked with the chemicals in many beauty products, the price a girl has to pay for being beautiful? Siobhan and Alexandra answer with a resounding: NO! They then proceed to air the dirty secrets of the cosmetic industry -- including a look at why companies we trust use these suspicious chemicals -- and offer real solutions, from homemade natural substitutes to commercial products that are committed to avoiding the potentially harmful chemicals.

In some cases, Siobhan and Alexandra describe how the beauty products being marketed to women actually put us on a vicious cycle of deteriorating our hair or skin, so that even more beauty product is needed to keep ahead of the damage. In other cases, they admit that in spite of some risks, a product works -- at least the reader is left with the wisdom to take risks where there is a real benefit while dodging the marketing machine with a little inside knowledge.

In other cases, the pair put themselves out as guinea pigs, relating their experiences after trying the Brazilian blowout and other treatments we aspire to or that pique our curiousity. Their well-researched tome gives every woman a starting point to take control of her beauty regime and unleash her inner glamour with the best beauty choices.

A Must-buy Book
The website No More Dirty Looks has just gone live, and the book by the same title will be hitting bookshelves in July. We recommend you buy a copy for every girl and woman you care about. Even when a lot of the same information is available on the web, it is worth having at hand an essential reference book for getting "the look" without the "dirty".

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