No-Fuss Merino Wool Necklaces Are as Light as a Feather

feather necklace photo

Photo: Feisty Elle

As a fan of vintage costume jewelry, my earlobes and neck have endured the weight of heavy accessories. As an alternative, Feisty Elle jewelry offers light-as-a-feather jewelry made with merino wool and bamboo ply. The newest addition to their collection of eco-friendly accessories is the Feisty Elle feather necklace, pictured above.
The San Francisco, California-based jewelry company designs and assembles all of their pieces locally. In addition, they are committed to working with local business, including their suppliers, manufacturers, and printers, whenever possible.

feisty elle necklace photo

Feather necklace. Photo: Feisty Elle

Also new at Feisty Elle is a textured bamboo ply necklace, below.

feisty elle wood jewelry

Photo: Fiesty Elle

Visit Feisty Elle for more eco-friendly accessories.

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