No-Drip Umbrella Concept Eliminates Need for Annoying Plastic Bags

non-drip umbrella image

Images via Yanko Design

I have a pet peeve during winter and spring -- walking into an office or store and seeing piles of plastic bags handed out for damp umbrellas to keep them from dripping all over the floor and creating a slippery situation. It seems like a massive waste of plastic and a problem begging for a more practical solution. And perhaps designer Ju Hyun Lee has found one with the Mohock Smart Umbrella, which touts its own nifty system for keeping dripping fabric from creating slippery floors. Yanko Design writes that the Mohock Smart Umbrella gets rid of those pesky plastic bags by turning the handle into a water catchment system. By making the handle more cup-like, the dripping water is caught and stored until it can be dumped out in an appropriate area. The top of the umbrella turns into a tab to hang it from a hook, table edge, or other surface.

non-drip umbrella image

The only problems is exactly how the handle will keep from spilling the caught water if it is tipped over, or swung from side to side as someone is walking -- it seems the umbrella would need to be held vertically the whole time in order to catch the water.

But still, in the effort to end the use of disposable plastic bags, this concept would help during the rainiest times of year. We like this kind of thinking!

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