Nike Creates World Cup Jerseys From Landfill Plastic

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In doing their part to help make the upcoming World Cup a bit greener, Nike has unveiled their official team jerseys--made from plastic bottles found in landfills. Players from Brazil, Portugal, and the Netherlands will be wearing the once-was-waste shirts, and millions of fans are expected to follow suit. For Nike, using the recycled plastic isn't just a nice gesture to the environment; It takes 30 percent less energy to produce these eco-friendly shirts than with traditional materials.A Step in the Right Direction
According to a report from O Estado, via The Guardian, it takes eight plastic bottles to make one soccer shirt. The bottles came from landfills in Japan and Thailand. But, despite their humble origins, the shirts are designed to keep players comfortable during the game.

Nina Stevenson, from the Center for Sustainable Fashion, sees Nike's move to produce shirts made with 100 percent recycled material as a step in the right direction.

Using recycled PET is an innovation recognized with real environmental benefits. By using existing resources, Nike is giving support to a design that does not compromise the ecological balance.

Good for the Environment, and Good for Business
Although Nike is not the first company to manufacture clothing with recycled PET, their prominence and popularity in the sports community has earned the eco-friendly innovation some well-deserved publicity. Not only will the next World Cup be a showcase for soccer teams from around the globe, it will also be a testament to the possibilities of sustainable fashion.

With the release of the jerseys made from recycles plastics, Nike hopes to be on the forefront of eco-friendly business--not just because it's good for the environment, but because it's good for business as well.

Hannah Jones, a vice president from Nike:

The link between sustainability and Nike as a company's growth has never been so clear and there is certainly a real interest in making Nike a more sustainable company.

So, no matter which country ends up taking home the trophy at this years World Cup, the environment, with the help of Nike, may be the biggest winner.

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