New York Fashion Week: Quirky Prints, Timeless Silhouettes in Crop by David Peck Spring 2012


Spanish moss print rompers in Crop by David Peck, spring 2012. Photo: Emma Grady

On Monday, TreeHugger got an exclusive first look at Crop by David Peck's Spring 2012 collection at the LEED-certified Crosby Street Hotel in New York City's SoHo neighborhood. Playing off the Gulf Coast theme of their fall 2011 collection, David Peck draws inspiration from the vibrant community of New Orleans, Louisiana. Described by the designer as "colorful, quirky, and classic," the eco-fashion collection is full of vibrant colors and patterns, made wearable with timeless and feminine silhouettes.

From the inside of a bag of Zapp's potato chips to Blanche DuBois, a fictional character from Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire, Peck captures the vibrancy of New Orleans culture in three parts: flora and fauna, food and jazz, and fact and fiction. Here's our exclusive:


Photo: Emma Grady

Photo: Emma Grady

Photo: Emma Grady

Spanish moss from Audubon Park, a Mardi Gras invitation from 1891, the interior of Hotel Monteleone, and the stuffed birds that adorn the walls of the Commander's Palace restaurant, all have their part in the quirky patterns that define spring 2012. In fact, every item in the collection is named after a queen of Mardi Gras.


Photo: Emma Grady

When designing each collection, Peck looks at everything they make and analyzes its impact. He often asks what can be done to make it more sustainable and looks at what practices can be put in place now to make collections to come more sustainable. Peck looks at the long-term sustainability of the brand and the people who work for the company.


Photo: Emma Grady

Photo: Emma Grady

Peck describes the textile industry in the U.S. as "very limited," and so, with the exception of the domestically-sourced viscose jersey, Peck sources materials abroad: fair trade and organic cotton fabric comes from India and 100% traditionally-milled silks from Korea.


Photo: Emma Grady

Photo: Emma Grady

The collection is manufactured in David Peck's factory in Houston, Texas. Peck points out that while the region may be known for oil, gas, and energy, they're building a small fashion company and gradually expanding. Depending on the season, their factory employs 10-12 people and contracts out work locally, often employing mothers who work part-time from home. They pay more than minimum wage, overtime, and have fair hours, and they train seamstresses, which gives them skills for future employment opportunities.


Photo: Emma Grady

Photo: Emma Grady

Designer David Peck. Photo: Emma Grady

For the second consecutive season, Peck is partnering with the Gulf Restoration Network, who will receive ten percent of proceeds from the spring 2012 collection. "They do a lot to not only raise money but raise awareness," Peck says. "What I love about them is that they are looking at education, both environmentally and economically, and how the region can be rejuvenated and how people who have lost their jobs or lost their livelihoods can be transformed."

The collection ranges in price, starting at $100-$200 for basics and $145-$300 for seperates to $300-$600 for dresses and $895-$1350 for gowns. The collection will be available as soon as late January 2012 online at David Peck Collection.

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New York Fashion Week: Quirky Prints, Timeless Silhouettes in Crop by David Peck Spring 2012
On Monday, TreeHugger got an exclusive first look at Crop by David Peck's Spring 2012 collection.

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