New York Fashion Week: Designers Get Thrifty


Red Bull Wedge Shoe by Marc Jabobs. Photo credit: coda/Flickr

As we prepare our eco-fashion coverage for New York Fashion Week and peek at some of the trend forecasts, one thing is clear: the recession is making its mark on fashion week’s big-name designers.

According to New York Magazine's the Cut, designer’s guest lists are being dwindled to half. Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs canceled their after parties. And the infamously extravagant Vera Wang and Betsey Johnson are skipping out on Bryant Park altogether and opting for quiet, more low key affairs.

Is it just me, or is the sucky economy exactly the kick in the pants that fashion week needed? Move over bling and make way for minimalist pieces that transcend seasonal wear.

Designer Rebecca Taylor is quoted saying,

In this economy it is really important to have a collection that includes special and emotional pieces. The items should be versatile and easily transition from day to evening so they can be worn for several different occasions.

You mean I'm actually being encouraged to forego the $4,000 dress that I can absolutely never be caught dead in more than once for re-wearable separates instead?

On a similar note, Swarovski felt the crunch and couldn’t sponsor young designer Frank Tell so he’s re-using his crystals from last season’s collection. That's right. Re-using.

And designers are also said to be teaming up—showing their collections at the same time, in the same space. One could presume this means a reduction in energy costs.

In a perfect world, we’d also see these guys moving towards vintage, re-purposed pieces to cut costs (and inadvertently go green). But the simple fact alone that some of the industry's biggest figures are being forced to think thrifty brings hope.

::New York Magazine

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