New York Fashion Week: Benefit for IFAW's Tails for Whales Project Tonight

tails for whales emma grady photo

TreeHugger's Emma Grady strikes a pose with a whale tale. Photo credit: Hal Horowitz

To bid a fond farewell to New York Fashion Week, POPBeauty and Fashion Indie are throwing a benefit event tonight for The International Animal Welfare’s (IFAW) Tails for Whales Project. For more than 20 years, IFAW has devoted considerable scientific and other resources to promote whale conservation. Tonight’s event at Citrine will not only be about raising money for the Project, but will also include fabulous POP artistry touch-ups, POP-tails and a smashing performance by POP's very own founder Sara Strand and her flying band.IFAW will gather photos of New York City's young and influential fashionistas (like our lovely Emma Grady, featured above at an event earlier this week) with hands posed in the shape of a whale tail, aimed at bringing attention to the threats facing whales around the world including climate change, whaling, entanglement and other causes. Although the event is invitation-only, you can participate as well by submitting your own Whale Tale photo through the Tails for Whales website. IFAW’s Tails for Whales Project

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