New York Fashion Week Beauty: Vibrant Colors at Susan Cianciolo A/W 2010

Susan Cianciolo drummond photo

Christopher Drummond Beauty at Susan Cianciolo A/W 2010 presentation during New York Fashion Week. Credit: Emma Grady
Susan Cianciolo's colorful handmade garments for Autumn/Winter 2010 were made even brighter so with the help of Christopher Drummond Beauty. While the makeup brings to mind environmentally-themed film, "Avatar" the organic looks are actually inspired by vibrant colors found under the sea. Click through for more photos and for Christopher's tips on mastering the look at home: Christopher Drummond says, "When Susan and I were talking about the look, it was very organic, literally. Her clothes are organic, and my makeup is organic-based. We took her idea of the vibrant colors that are displayed under the sea and translated them onto the face. The result was lines and stripes of blended bright colors that melted together." He continues, below, with the steps he followed to achieve the looks for Susan Cianciolo's A/W 2010 presentation.

  • Concealer was applied to the face with Christopher Drummond Beauty (CDB) Velduo Velvet Foundation. Christopher covered the eyebrows with concealer as a base for the eye color

  •    Next, Christopher dipped his angled eye shadow brush into a color that would work for the model. He drew a thick, angled line from above the brow to the lashes, in one swipe. He repeated this until he had the desired color saturation. He used various colors that he thought would be interesting and used three to five different color strips on each eye

  •   On the bottom lashline, Christopher used one color from the outer corner to the middle, and another from the inner corner of the eye to the middle, and then blended the two together so there were two liner colors on the bottom

  •    Instead of using mascara, Christopher allowed the eyeshadow color to fall on the lashes to create a beautiful, dramatic, multicolored eyelash.

  •   Finally, Christopher painted the lips with concealer to finish the look

Susan-Cianciolo beauty photo

Credit: Emma Grady
Susan-Cianciolo makeup photo

Credit: Emma Grady
Susan-Cianciolo photo

Credit: Emma Grady

And since very few of us will be making runway appearances, Christopher shows us how to take it to the streets, below.

  • Pick three subtle colors that you like, and place the CDB natural cocealer as a primer all over the eyelid

  • Separate the eyelid in three even sections with a liner brush and a small amount of shadow (kind of like a stencil)

  • Next, take a medium amount of the shadow, and press it into one section. Blend it in well.

  •  Do the same with the other two sections

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