New York Fashion Week: 5 Green Changes We'd Like To See

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With New York’s Spring Fashion Week hitting its stride this week, we couldn’t help but think of a few things we wish we’d see—but probably won’t—on the runways. While we know the designers have been putting in plenty of hours on their collections and we respect the talent and creativity that makes these shows happen, we have to wonder: Couldn’t Fashion Week be greener? From eco-friendly fabrics to your next must-have item, read on for our Fashion Week wishes.

1. More sustainable fabrics.

Since this week sets the tone for all the styles we’ll be wearing in the fall (and, to a certain extent, even beyond that), we’d love to see the big designers start choosing sustainable fibers --like organic cotton, hemp, soy, and Pina--to jump-start the same trickle-down effect that brought us skinny jeans and bandage dresses. And while they’re at it, how about using non-toxic dyes and trimming the waste from their production processes? Sure, some lines focus on earth-friendly fabrics, but they rarely get top billing; changing that would help sustainability go mainstream.

2. More waste consciousness.

Here’s one that might actually happen this year, since Fashion Week has scaled down everything from guest lists to after-parties. As Jess wrote last week, that’s more a result of the economy--they’re trying to save money, not resources, but it’s a start. This new found thriftiness is even rubbing off on the collections, which-–hopefully--will include more everyday basics and pieces that are infinitely wearable.

3. More eco-conscious accessories.

If environmentally-friendly fabrics are too expensive or too hard to come by, we’d like to see every designer aim to add at least one eco-conscious element to his or her show: anything from organic makeup or natural hair products to recycled metal jewelry or vegan shoes. Even just one outfit offers multiple opportunities to choose green, and taking advantage of those on the runway helps the rest of us get inspired in our own closets.

4. A new classic.

It doesn’t happen every year, but sometimes Fashion Week offers us a brand-new style, shape, or design that becomes an instant classic. Here’s hoping that all the work these designers are putting into their lines will yield at least one of those: an investment piece made of high-quality fabric that will last you a lifetime--and replace all those temporary pieces you would have bought instead.

5. An old favorite.

We know: Some trends are better left dead. But the return of old favorites--or, specifically, of pieces you might still have in your closet--makes it easier to pull out your old duds, find something stylish at the thrift store, or shop for vintage. We don’t expect any designer to choose an exact replica, but reincarnating past styles with some basic tailoring or accessories (like adding a belt) is a green way to stay stylish.More on New York Fashion Week and Green Fashion
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