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Credit: Sigrid Rothe ©ROCKNROLA
RockNRola, a collection of ethical jewelry, designed by activist and filmmaker (A Sea Change) Susan Cohn Rockefeller is officially launching tonight in New York City. All proceeds from the event, held at a private location in Manhattan, will support ocean conservation efforts by Oceana. The jewelry is a playful approach to saving the planet, with pearls and dog tag-style charms--with messages like, "Nature rocks" and "Wake Up." Click through for a preview of the collection made with fresh water pearls, charms (unfortunately not made with recycled metals), and cruelty-free stones:Designer Susan Cohn Rockefeller shares her inspiration for the jewelry line, below.

I first envisioned ROCKNROLA as the little black dress of jewelry. chic, versatile, always in fashion. Before I envisioned it though, I learned a lot about the enormity of the environmental challenges facing us at the moment. I recently co-produced the documentary A Sea Change about the perils of ocean acidification due to global warming. It was a wake up call. I then moved on to Chairwoman of Oceana's Ocean Council where I received daily updates on the state of our oceans. This was a call to action. I found myself thinking: why can't people Wake Up, Stop Idling, Kick Some A**?

I decided to make this jewelry as a personal antidote to the global malaise that was weighing me down. I figured why not wear my frustrations in an artful, gorgeous, classy way that would grab people's attention the way my daily updates were grabbing mine. On a whim, I took a classic strand of uptown pearls and transformed it into downtown cred by adding a sterling silver message tag that shared my sentiments.

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Credit: Sigrid Rothe ©ROCKNROLA
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Credit: Sigrid Rothe ©ROCKNROLA
rocknrola photo

Credit: Sigrid Rothe ©ROCKNROLA

Visit Oceana's online store for more, and happy shopping for Valentine's Day.

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