New Models of Cargabags: Recycled Wool Felt Totes and Messenger Bags

Recycled Wool Felt Bags Cargabag Photo

Photos: Courtesy of Cargabags.

Cargabags --which we first introduced two years ago- is a line of bags and totes produced with recycled wool felt and in fair trade conditions by Argentine entrepreneur Mauro Bianucci.

Now, just in time for the holidays, the label has launched two new models. Find out about them and catch pics in the extended.Cargabags' two new models are the T1 and 05. The first is a multipurpose tote-shaped bag that can hold laptops to work or serve as a small case for short weekend getaways, explains the designer. The second is a small messenger bag for essentials like keys, a book, wallet.

Recycled Wool Felt Tote Cargabags Photo

The T1.
Recycled Wool Felt Messenger Bag Cargabags Photo

The 05.

Apart from the wool felt versions, Cargabags also has leather versions of its bags. We know leather is a delicate subject for some, but also know that many people who are concerned about the environment eat meat and consume leather.

For those of you who don't have a problem with this material, it's fair to highlight that Cargabags' leather products are manufactured in a small artisan workshop under fair trade conditions and using only vegetable inks.

Shop online at the brand's official website or at stores around the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia and Argentina (listings online at

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