Nau's Sustainability Manager is Grist's InterActivist


Ever since we first found Nau, we've been anxiously waiting for their stylish green outdoor clothing to hit the shelves. In the interim, we tracked them down for an interview (part one, part two) and found pics of the upcoming line at Flickr; the latest word is that we can finally get our hands on some at the end of the month which should be any day now (or Nau). Our pals at Grist are featuring Eric Brody, Nau's Sustainability Manager, in their "InterActivist" column this week, so if there's anything you'd like to know (that you didn't learn by reading our interview) about their upcoming launch or otherwise, you can ask him by sending in your questions by noon Pacific time on Wednesday, January 24. Grist editors will pick the best questions, and Brody's responses to them will be posted later this week, on Friday. From the looks of it, Nau has got some great ideas and designs, and are working from a very TreeHugger-friendly business model, so we hope the apparel will live up to Nau's promise of "beauty, performance, sustainability." Head on over to Grist to see Brody's answers to the editors' questions, and send in your own if you want to know more. ::Nau via ::Grist