Nau Offers Slim, Light-Weight Jackets for Winter

nau down hoody

Nau Down Hoody. Photo: Nau
Nau's high performance apparel and commitment to sustainability are just a couple of reasons why we have been covering them for year, but they also offer smart design: For fall 2010, Nau has slim-cut down jackets that are collapsible and as light as a t-shirt, meaning you can start wearing them now. Highlights include Nau's down hoody jacket with a zipper that veers to the right--so it doesn't end up in your mouth, recently featured in Fast Company and worn by the likes of TreeHugger founder Graham Hill. Unfortunately, ladies, it's not available in a women's style. But Nau offers an urban-style down trench, comparable in comfort and warmth:

nau fall 2010 photo

Nau Blazing Trench. Photo: Nau

Nau's Blazing Trench, like the Down Hoody, is made with 100% recycled polyester and ideal for colder winter months--when a jacket cut below the waist is necessary. There's a similar men's version, too, called the Succinct Trench.

nau foldable jacket

Nau's Mid-thing length Succint Trench jacket. Photo: Nau

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