Nau For Something Completely Different: Nau Bags it.

nau fluent and motil bags photo

Last year we alluded one or more times to the imminent arrival of a line of luggage-like accessories from the eco-clothier Nau. But due to the company's untimely demise and subsequent phoenix rising those plans went into a holding pattern. Now with the release of their Fall 2009 collection those accessories have finally surfaced.

As the photos here (and more below) indicate, the clean, tailored lines of the company's apparel have been carried through into nine different bags. The materials also reflect Nau's adherence to using only renewable or recycled components.

Nau fluent stash photo

The pieces, which range from a small wallet through to large overnight bag, are crafted with a variety of fabrics including recycled wool felt, organic cotton canvas and 500-denier recycled polyester herringbone.

Two of the shoulder bag styles and the daypack even sport the same waterproof/breathable membrane used on the firm's rainwear to keep bag contents dry. Recycled polyester webbing can be found on several items. Plastic buckles are avoided, by the judicious use of recycled aluminium clasps that slot into self fabric closures.

nau motil tote and ped photo

Performance doesn't look like it's been neglected in the search for uncluttered styling. Like their clothing Nau have incorporated useful hidden pockets into the bags as well. The Motil Pack has a hydration pocket with adjustable sternum and waist straps. The shoulder bags have mobile phone pockets and padded laptop sleeves.

Nau Fluent doc photo

Certainly the clean look of Nau's bags is unlikely to fall out of favour any time soon. How the materials hold up to the stresses of the daily grind remains to be seen. But as we noted the other day, discussing Cordura EcoMade, recycled luggage textiles are becoming the norm with more brands willing to ally their reputation to such fabrics. So we trust they'll go the distance. And for the price you'd want them too.

Nau Billfold and Ringleader Belt photo

Mind you, the biggest price shock is the Ringleader belt made of polyester webbing and an aluminium buckle, both of which are recycled. It looks it will never wear out. But $60? Umm.

After you have done pursuing the new bags, there are the new apparel to check out. And don't forget to vote for the top 5 finalists in Nau's $10,000 Grant4 Change. You have until the end of August.

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