Much A.D.O Over Herb-Infused Organic Clothing

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Sure, we've seen herbs stirred into homemade marinara sauce, floating languorously in bathwater, tucked in a corner of a lingerie drawer like a perfumed love letter—but in clothing? With the express intention of improving our well-being? Now that's a novel concept, even if the art of ayurvastra, a branch of traditional Indian ayurvedic medicine that translates literally to "life or health-clothing," is an ancient one.

Anjelika Krishna, founder and designer of A.D.O Clothing, which is based on ayuvastric principles, describes it thus:

Each strand of yarn is infused with hand-picked natural ingredients such as pomegranate seeds, turmeric, lemon, indigofera, sandalwood, basil, eucalyptus, etc. As you wear these garments, infused herbs could exhale into your skin, making you feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and jovial.

Whether you buy into claims that ayurvastra can cure ailments like eczema, arthritis, diabetes, and rheumatism, or you write this off as hippy-dippy, psuedomystical hokum, the process of creating ayuvastric cloth is entirely sustainable, free from synthetic dyes, pesticides, or chemicals.

Permeated with searingly intense washes of royal blue, plum wine, and saffron—colors that leap out from the textiles and grab you by your throat—A.D.O.'s organic cotton yoga-friendly garb preaches a mindful, holistic approach to living, independent of these wondrous assertions. (The long-sleeve, shawl-collar wrap top is especially darling.) So wear a reminder to tread lightly literally on your sleeve. Clothes, after all, maketh the man (or woman).

Call us believers.

A.D.O. clothing photo

Photo credit: A.D.O. Clothing
A.D.O. clothing photo

Photo credit: A.D.O. Clothing
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