Mosquitoes Love Black Leggings, Thai Gov't Warns

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Recently, officials in Thailand issued a message to women, particularly teenage girls, warning them of the dangers of wearing black leggings -- suggesting instead that they switch to jeans. While it may sound a bit like the sentiments of an overbearing father who, like, totally doesn't get it, the unsolicited fashion advice is less about being prude and more about saving lives. It turns out that mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors, meaning that thin, black leggings may be putting young girls at a higher risk of getting dengue fever. The disease-spreading bloodsuckers, it seems, are more fashion conscious than anyone could have imagined.According to The Telegraph, Thailand has seen a spike in the number of dengue cases this year with more than 45,000 cases report; 43 of these resulted in deaths -- and more than half of them were between the ages of 10 and 24. The increase in dengue among young people has Deputy Health Minister Pansiri Kulanartsiri very concerned, particularly considering "how people dress nowadays."

"I suggest people avoid wearing black leggings - or any dark colored clothing - so as not to attract mosquitoes," she said. Mosquitoes tend to be more attracted to darker colors, and their bite can easily penetrate legging's thin fabric.

The Public Health Minister then went on to suggest that folks wear "thick clothing like jeans" during the raining season between June and September when the number of mosquitoes are much greater.

In some tropical regions throughout the world, mosquito-borne illnesses like dengue continue to claim lives, with children being among the most likely victims. Unfortunately, as global warming persists and weather patterns continue to shift, researchers warn that these types of diseases will run more rampant and appear in places where they weren't seen before.

Considering some of the stranger solutions to reducing the threat from mosquitoes, Thailand's fashion-warning promises to be far more effective in saving lives and keeping people healthy -- even if that means that girls will have to avoid wearing black leggings. After all, the last thing anybody should want from their outfits is to attract bloodsuckers anyways.

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