More Shopping Bags

. We love carrier bags and regularly resolve to carry them around all the time so that we won’t have to resort to using nasty plastic bags at the supermarket. Here is yet another variation on the theme; this one made of vintage fabrics for a country-chic look. Good for the organic farmers' market or the health food store… These bags are handmade in Hastings, East Sussex using strong cotton ticking. They are reversible: lined with recycled home furnishing fabrics such as checkered table cloths, curtains, pillow case ticking or vintage fabric. So two bags for the price of one. They come in different sizes too: for your laptop, food shopping, records or clothes pins. They have various messages on them. There is the standard--Carry a Bag—to help spread the word. But there is also Dig Your Veg; Lick Your Chops and Food Lover. Take your pick of slogan and fabric and design your own. And try and keep that resolution to have one on hand. :: Carry-a-Bag via :: Daily Candy

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