More Fabulous Necklaces from Origin Craft Fair

annie banini

What is it about necklaces this year? The second week of Origin: The London Craft Fair features tons of jewellery and more gorgeous natural and recycled necklaces.

These delicate and old fashioned pieces are all made from teacups, artfully combined with silver. The handles have been turned into rings, the back stamp has been mixed with pearls to make a necklace and the bracelet is cut from the rims. Even the little left-over bits have been turned into pendants.


The artist, Annie Banian, collects old tea sets from the usual places. She says that "people throw away the most beautiful things" and she is inspired by the English traditional afternoon tea. Banian pays homage to the tea service by turning it into these elegant and timeless pieces.

sangeun kim.necklace photo

Next up are these metal necklaces made from old tin boxes. Sangeum Kim collects tin from her friends: chocolate tins, soup cans, cookie tins. She likes using tin because it is light and strong and delicate. She makes her necklaces from the tin and coats them with enamel for the colouring and then heat treats them to make the delicate shapes.


Tea cups, tin and now paper. Sarah Kelly uses sustainable paper from the UK to make these tactile and chunky necklaces and bracelets. She folds the paper and holds it in shape with rivets .Many of the pieces include several hundred hand pressed rivets, intricate laser cutting and complex paper folding techniques.

She started using cardboard for the models of her work, planning to create them out of metal. But she discovered that she liked working with the sensitive, ephemeral nature of paper more than the metals. Kelly is trying to source all of her materials in the UK to reduce the carbon footprint of the jewellery, although she acknowledges that finding silver is difficult. Even the gift boxes are made of recycled cardboard, as was the display table for her work.

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