Momaboma: The Philosophy of Recycling


"Momaboma: Invert the World. RECYCLED ESTETHIC." Already when you see the business card: the clever confusion of esthetic and ethics, the onomatopoeic repetition of "om" following the symbol for "om" transforming the M of Momaboma...your anticipation of something creative, fascinating, and appealing is awoken. According to their website, the power of Momaboma is this: to brazenly expect that we can do the opposite, and to prove that it is true. And the creative force behind Momaboma is Maurizio, who is inspired by the realization that, in the world of globalization and minimum wage mass production, nothing new provokes fascination. At Momaboma, the intent is not simply to recycle materials, but to demonstrate the value of our stories and how much we can recover from them. Both literally and figuratively, Momaboma achieves the goal.

The Momaboma team offers several lines of accessories. Bags from reused military textiles, fashioned out of old jackets or recovered rubber are interesting but the real eye catchers are the pieces made from '50s to '70s vintage magazines and newspapers, or the unique pieces from woven tape measures, which will certainly hit a weak spot in the hearts of knitters and seamstresses. Take a look for yourself at the "collezione" of Momaboma.

The website is in Italian, but you don't need to understand the words to enjoy the visual buffet of creative products in the Momaboma collection. Don't miss the web page "contatti" = "contacts", where you meet the whole team, including Moreno, responsible for maintaining a good mood at Momaboma.

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