Moly Kulte is a Cult

skirt.jpg Quebeckers have their own special sense of style; more European than Canadian; more eclectic than conventional. Moly Kulte is an eco-fashion shop and a range of clothing with its own original look, located in the heart of hip Montreal. The shop was started by two artists with backgrounds in visual art and graphic design and the desire to found an environmentally responsible enterprise. They take old clothes and recycle and re-design them, using 70% recycled garments. The clothes are unique and could even be perceived as works of art—incorporating screen printing and odd bits of fabric to make a layered, witty look, with a little unexpected something. Sweaters have men's ties sewn on to them as a collar. Denim mini-skirts are appliquéd with stitching and red buttons. Men's jackets have collars of contrasting printed fabric. They have also created shoes, hand bags, wallets and earrings. They accept donations of old clothing because they are "sick of people throwing out things that can easily be recycled and made beautiful. Even a pack of birth control pills can be transformed into fashionable earrings (really!)." If you want to organise an evening with friends, they will come to your home and hold a show there. marie2.jpg

Also found at Moly Kulte are bags by rejet. The creator had the idea to use the rejected bits from burned-out cars, particularly the upholstery. He has used rubber tires, seat headrests and safety belts to design purses, wallets and ties. The pictured bag is made out of rubber tires. Another is made out of a headrest and proves to be a roomy and soft shoulder bag for men. Another is made out of seatbelts sewn together and can be used as a make-up bag or in the larger size, a briefcase. :: Moly Kulte

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