Moksa Organics Offers Soothing Carbon Neutral Soaps Without Palm Oil

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The weather is cooler in New York and I find myself reaching for lip balm and lotion more often than not. Fortunately, Moksa Organics offers soothing soaps that cleanse and moisturize thirsty skin and organic body oils that nourish and heal--without the chemicals; artificial fragrances; or palm oil, which has been pilloried for the destruction of rainforests in Southeast Asia.

Husband-and-wife founding duo Haskell and Melanie make each of their products by hand from organically-grown bulk ingredients. They sent over a few samples for me to try and so can you: the line is conveniently available online; prices range from $6.50 for a bar of soap to $16 for the body oils.

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Photo courtesy Moksa Organics.

Moksa's Amazon Lemon Exfoliating Body Bar is a favorite of mine--I lathered up with a complimentary body bar--and it is anything but a 'lemon'.

The organic poppy seeds exfoliate skin naturally and the combo of lemon and poppy reminds me of a yummy muffin.

A portion of proceeds from this specific soap is donated to Rainforest Action Network--another favorite of mine. The nonprofit works to protect rainforests from deforestation and has run a series successful campaigns, including the Don't Bag Indonesia's Rainforests campaign--which I covered here on TreeHugger.

In fact, all of their soaps benefit a non-profit -- their Kashmir Organic Body Bar, for example, supports Navdanya, a network of organic seed producers in India.

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Photo courtesy Moksa Organics.

Amazon Lemon Exfoliating Body Bar's ingredients include: organic olive oil; organic coconut oil; organic soybean oil; organic hemp oil; organic castor oil; organic shea butter from Ghana; our blend of pure essential oils; organic poppy seeds, organic ground lemon peel, and organic rosemary extract.

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Photo courtesy Moksa Organics.

Each body bar weighs out at 6.5 oz, for $6.50; Moksa tells us this is greater than the average weight of a bar of soap, which is 4 oz.

Visit Moksa Organics Store where you will fine bath salts, body oils, body butters, body bars (soaps), and men and women's apparel; they even have a "Treehugger" organic men's t-shirt--which may or may not have been named after us.

In addition to being a carbon neutral company--as determined by Climate Safe--Moksa is committed to reducing their waste and their water usage; more on their green cred at Moksa Organics.

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